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Creating Unique Bath Solutions

12 January 2021

Architecture is a multifaceted way of thinking art. From the exterior and interior and down to the smallest details with fittings and material choices. The process of mechanically selecting products from a website is vastly different to developing something unique for a project; something that creates a symbiotic relationship between product and architectural idea.

The bathroom has rarely been given this attention and traditionally you would have to choose something that fit “well enough” rather than somehting that is actually customized for the concept. This is where Bespoke comes into play. Bespoke is where Laufen becomes less of a supplier and more of a partner. The already vast product portfolio of Laufen supplemented by the ability to work with architects, designers and other stakeholders to create customized bathroom products with Bespoke.


Elegant Bespoke solutions at Volkshaus. 


This is an opportunity to establish collaborations that expand beyond just one project. In a New York City project, Herzog & de Meuron invited the Bespoke team on board for developing the bathroom concept alongside their team on the 60-storey premium residential tower in the Tribeca area at 56 Leonard. In the end, Herzog & de Meuron designed washbasins, bathtubs and toilets which became a preference for 4 years in the relationship.


This is not always the case, as the toilet, for example, is not the type of product that can be adjusted to fit in the way a washbasin or a bathtub can. However the team is always open to adjust as much as possible to accomodate the Bespoke concept. In this case there was even a request to have the developer's brand on the products, but this is quite exceptional, as the Laufen logo on the product is standard. The creative team presented a solution in the case of the aforementioned project with a "Laufen 56" logo, which was well received by both clients and the design team. 


A completely customized Bespoke washbasin from Laufen at Nobu Hotels. 


These cases and collaborations are often the ones that challenge the limits of Laufen products. Bespoke is a concept that supports and promotes architects alongside of it and Laufen can in this way make sure that the final bathroom product will be matching the original architectural vision.


Credits for all the pictures: © Laufen

Creating Unique Bath Solutions
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