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Mjøstårnet - The World's Tallest Timber Building

12 January 2021

Mjøstårnet is beautifully located right by lake Mjøsa in Brumunddal, only a 90-minute drive from Oslo. Mjøstårnet is 85.4 meters tall, consists of 18 floors and includes a hotel, apartments, office space, a restaurant and an associated swimming facility. Mjøstårnet is a collaboration between Arthur Buchardt (AB Invest AS), Voll Arkitekter AS, Hent AS and Moelven Limtre AS.


Mjøstårnet with lake Mjøsa and pier.

Material use

The timber used in the construction of Mjøstårnet is 80 years old and sourced from local forests with a goal of 100% raw material utilization. The exterior Thermowood® pine cladding has been sourced across the border, in Sweden.

Middle section of Mjøstårnet with the lake Mjøsa in the background.

Fire safety

Several measures have been taken to secure a high-rise wooden building such as Mjøstårnet against fire. Some of the measures taken are the installation of a modern sprinkler system, the constructing of each room, apartment and floor as separate fire cells and using a fire retardant exterior wooden cladding. In addition, the cavities in the façade are broken at each floor and cavity valves have been placed in the floor divisions to prevent the spread of fire in the cavity behind the façade.



Mjøstårnets wooden cladding up close with lake Mjøsa in the background.

Exterior Cladding

Mjøstårnets façade is composed of prefabricated façade-elements produced by Ringsaker Vegg- og Takelementer AS (RVT). The façade-elements consist of fire-impregnated cladding mounted on fire-impregnated construction wood. The fire-impregnated Thermowood® exterior cladding (Brannpanel Natur) supplied by Woodiy AS has been impregnated with fire retardant by Woodsafe Timber Protection AB.

Wooden buildings and the future

In the years ahead, there are several timber buildings planned for construction. Among them are: "Oakwood" in London, "Baobab" in Paris and "W350" in Tokyo.


Sustainably sourced wood is renewable, durable, stores CO2 and reduces emissions. It is easy to work with, reusable and/or can be repurposed. This perhaps lends a vision of a future where building with timber will be the preferred or even the more dominant form of building. 


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Copyright for all the pictures: © Woodify AS / Vjus AS

Mjøstårnet - The World's Tallest Timber Building
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