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What Moves Architects: All News and Trends in the New Format

12 January 2021

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The popular and extremely successful ARCHITECT@WORK trade show format, which is already represented in 15 different countries at 30 locations continues to grow. In the future it will also inform architects, planners, professionals and design enthusiasts about interesting new products, high-profile awards, technical innovations, expert opinions and trends in architecture outside of, and between the individual A@W events. Architectural critics, for example, will have their say in various forms and formats. You can gain insights into the making of a product or find out more about the highlights of ARCHITECT@WORK – a colourful potpourri source of inspiration, food for thought and guidebook. Lively picture galleries will accompany the stories and let you, dear reader, immerse yourself in the world of good design.


Would you like to know more?

People are inquisitive: Where does a product come from? How is it made? What materials is it made of? And, of course, increasingly more important: Is it sustainable enough that I can reconcile it with my environmental awareness. The new ARCHITECT@WORK newsletter offers a broad spectrum of current topics and aims to pick up on current trends. Not only to show readers the bare essentials but also to tell "the story behind the scenes": it is informative, well-founded, well-researched and by no means mainstream.

The newsletter starts in January 2021– an exciting challenge. Not a ‘nice-to-have’, but rather a ‘must-have’. We’re looking forward to it, are you? Allow yourself to be inspired and seduced.

What Moves Architects: All News and Trends in the New Format
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