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19. & 20. mai 2021

Hva skjer i 2021

Tomas Stokke – Haptic Architects

Waste Not, Want Not - Architectural Reuse and the Haptic Way

Tomas will talk about the working methodology of Haptic Architects, The Haptic Way. The principle of Waste Not, Want Not is embedded into the practice culture. We see waste, whether of building materials, ideas or concepts, as a resource for future use.

Tomas will discuss how waste and reuse is used as a creative tool in the design and delivery of some of Haptics key projects. Architects produce a phenomenal amount of ideas and designs that never happen, how can a good idea be reused? How do you design buildings and interiors that last, to avoid future waste? How can existing buildings, structures and materials be reused and given a new lease of life?

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